2020 Graduate Showcase – Animation

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from 10AM-1PM & 5-8PM on Wed May 20:

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Welcome to our 2020 Graduate Showcase for our Animation program! What a year – our graduates have put in an incredible number of hours towards their final film, and we sure are proud of it – and of them! The film will have its official release next week – so stay tuned.

To book a chat with any of our Animation students during our May 20 Graduate Showcase, click their “Schedule a Chat” button and find a time that works for you. Chat slots are 15 minutes. Please try and join the online event at least 10 minutes before your scheduled chat time, especially if you are not familiar with Discord.

You can also view the Graduate Showcase for our Concept Art students and our Illustration for Sequential Arts students, and book a chat with them.

Interested in our upcoming talent? Check out our Year 2 Showcase and our Year 3 Showcase.


Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design
is proud to present our 4th Year Student Film, “Battleversary”!



Zander Awbrey

I’m a storyboard artist. I love drawing action scenes with dynamic angles and fun characters. Drawing is my passion, but I especially love to see when my contribution to a project helps to make a great final product.



Sam Besa

I have been interested in art & media for as long as I can remember, and it was while watching a Pixar movie that I decided I wanted to try to pursue a career in animation. As I gained experience in background painting, I found that I became more interested in the art of environment design as well as background painting itself.

https://sambesa.wixsite.com/portfolio  |  View Sam’s Demo Reel




John-Alex Duff-Wilson

Hi, my name is John-Alex. I’m an animator with skills in 3D character animation and 2D effects animation. Animation has always been a big part of my life, which inspires me to move forward, and build my knowledge.

https://john-alex.ca  | View John-Alex’s Demo Reel





Sonia Gutierrez

My name is Sonia Gutierrez, I love the power of expression the medium of 3D modelling is capable of. The ability to not only bring ideas to life but also give them personality and character through texturing.




Juan Felipe Hernandez

Hello, my name is Juan Felipe Hernandez and I’m from Colombia. Before coming to Canada I was working on post production and filmmaking but I always had a soft spot for animation and video games. My main focus is in 3d modelling and texturing. I like modelling and texturing because it allows me to create worlds, characters, and objects that go beyond what is possible in the real world. I also love the endless possibilities that CGI can offer. I am a technical person so I find 3D animation has a good combination between technique and creativity.
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Claudia Hughes

Hi, I’m Claudia Hughes, and I’m an animator. I love drawing, and bringing characters to life; specifically through 3D animation, illustration and design.
http://www.claudiahughes.ca/  |  View Claudia’s Demo Reel





Rebekah Jones

Hi, I’m Rebekah Jones, a 3d/2d animator with a passion for good story telling and eye catching action. I pride myself in seeing the projects I take part in to the end, while learning new skills to improve my effectiveness as a team member.





Jessie Polong

My name is Jessie Polong, and I am a layout design and background painter. In my spare time I like to research different places that inspire me to create different fantastical worlds.

www.jessiepolong.wixsite.com/portfolio  | View Jessie’s Demo Reel



Kate Reid

My name is Kate, I’m a 3D animator and character designer. I’ve always had a deep passion for animation and art, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, and I’m very excited to start my career.

https://katereid.com/  |  View Kate’s Demo Reel



Avery Roy

Hi there! I’m Avery Roy, an enthusiastic animator, writer and artist who enjoys doodling monsters and fairies in his spare time. Good storytelling and characters are what sucked me into this world, and I’m excited to bring that passion back the industry that first inspired me.





Erik Segriff

Hey I’m Erik, and I’ve been in love with art and animation for as long as I can remember! Some day I hope to start up my own studio, but I’m happy as long as I get to keep making cool stuff!