2020 Graduate Showcase – Illustration

Welcome to our 2020 Graduate Showcase for our Illustration for Sequential Arts program! Our amazingly skilled graduates have been hard at work all year to put together their impressive final portfolios – and we’re so proud of what they have accomplished.

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Interested in connecting with one of our Graduates? You can find their contact information on their website (listed below), or you can reach out to us at info@maxthemutt.com and we’d be happy to connect you!

Kaylyn Conway

Kaylyn Conway hails from the Bay Area California, where she was brainwashed with comics at an early age by her dad and Bill Watterson. She loves sci-fi, fantasy, crime and anything that will take the brain out for a good walk. Her hobbies include reading comics, making comics and social distancing before it was cool. Kaylyn’s specialties are writing, pencilling and inking. Her plans are to begin writing and drawing all the stories she couldn’t make into assignments in school.




Mariana Fernandes

Hello! My name is Mariana Fernandes. I am a graduate of the Illustration for Sequential Arts program at  Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design. With an interest in storytelling, I have strong skills in illustration, sequential storytelling. I also hope to work in children’s books, storyboarding and character design.





Mallory McKnight

Hi, I’m Mallory McKnight. I’m from a small town east of Toronto. I’m a recent graduate of the Sequential Arts Program at Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design. My program allowed me to develop my skills in a diverse way that provides me with the ability to perform as a 2D Artist, Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, Character Designer and more. My art style is strongly influenced by medieval fantasy but I’m open to all kinds of genres. I specialize in character design and development.



Jermaey Powell

My name is Jermaey Ishmael Powell. I currently live with my family in Scarborough Ontario, Canada. I consider myself a hard worker, persistent, and somewhat meticulous. I have a strong passion for art related to manga and fantasy, human anatomy, and creatures. Video games, reading, listening to music and going outside for walks are my interest in terms of hobbies.



Jessica Walling

My name is Jessica Walling. I am a graduate from Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design, with a diploma in Illustration for Sequential Arts. My speciality is inking, and I range in the styles of heavily rendered, and strong black-spotting. I am also a self taught writer currently working on my first webcomic and novel.