Information to help you begin your Application Process:

Step 1: Get Informed

MTM College offers an environment where you are known as an individual, not just a number! In keeping with this philosophy, our admissions procedures differ from most schools. We want to connect with you before you make the decision to apply! We want to find out more about your goals, and be sure we’re a good fit for you. Max the Mutt needs motivated, serious students who have the faith and the grit to work hard even when they are faced with subjects that don’t come easily to them.

We grade on professionalism as well as course content, and are looking for students who will treat everyone in the community with respect, and are real team players. Although we have one start date each academic year, we conduct application interviews and portfolio reviews on an ongoing basis. if the program is full and you are accepted you can go on the wait list or choose to be included for the following academic year.

Step 2: Apply

To View our Application Process Requirements

Visit your desired program page again. Scroll down (below students and graduate portfolios) to ” Curriculum/Tuition/Career Opportunities/Application Requirements” and click on “APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS.” You will find a complete list of everything required for your portfolio and application interview.

When you apply to Max the Mutt you have a choice. You can either be a “Preferred Applicant”, or a “Regular Applicant”. The choice depends upon your individual needs and preferences. What is the difference?

Preferred Applicants are people who know that MTM is their first choice and agree that if accepted, they are ready to commit. That is, they will sign the contract, make the first payment, and become enrolled for the September cohort start date, within one month of acceptance.

1. How does this process work? You speak with the admissions counselor and together decide on the date you’ll be ready for the review. Your individual schedule is taken into account: you can book a review months ahead.
2. You will receive an email confirmation of your review date that also contains the link and password to the application form and review fee payment page. This is located on a hidden page on our website.
3. You have ONE WEEK to submit the application form and pay the review fee.
4. You are now guaranteed a seat in your program if you are accepted.
5. Your reviewer will tell you at the end of your in-person or Skype review if you’ve been accepted! if you have not been accepted, your reviewer will speak with, will explain why, and will offer constructive suggestions.
6. Upon acceptance, you will be sent a “Confirmation of Acceptance” email that includes the link to the Acceptance Package. This package includes the contract and other required forms.
7. You must complete and return the contract and all other required papers with the registration fee (this is not an additional charge and is part of total tuition). The first of 6 tuition payments for year one will be due shortly after you are enrolled. When you ask to be a Preferred Applicant, you are agreeing to this process. If something happens that prevents you from attending, you can ask to start the following academic year without needing to re-apply and with no additional cost. This is called “rolling over.” If you withdraw entirely, however, you will lose the first $500 of payment, called “enrollment fee,” as per Ontario regulations.

Regular Applicants are those who apply, but if accepted are not ready to commit to attending. If accepted, you will be notified, and will be asked to either accept or decline the offer by a given date (this depends on whether or not you are Canadian or international). If you have not been accepted, your reviewer will speak with, will explain why, and will offer constructive suggestions.

Accepted Regular applicants are welcome as long as we still have seats available in the program! In addition, you can ask to change your designation at any time.

If we have not completed all Preferred Applicant reviews, and have enrolled international students who are still waiting to receive their study permits, some additional seats may become available: you will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified when an opening occurs.

If you have made a definite decision that you want to attend MTM, you will also have the option of asking to be “rolled over” for a start the following September. This means that you do not have to re-apply. You will have a seat for the next September start. You will be sent the contract package in the fall, and to retain roll-over status, must become fully enrolled for the following September start date by the end of November

Once you decide to apply, and know if you will be a Preferred or Regular Applicant, we will work with you to book a review date that works for us and for you. In the email confirming your review date, you will also find the link to the application and review fee payment form ($75 for Canadians, $100 international).

In short:

We will follow up with you after initial contact, and after you’ve received enough information to make an informed decision about applying. Of course, you’re also always welcome to email or telephone us if you’re ready to proceed!

The Admissions Counselor will make sure you understand the whole application process:

Please email or call us if you have any questions about the application process.