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MTM College reserves the right to occasionally update these items. In the case of an update to the Student Policies, an e-mail will be sent to all current students informing them of the changes.

Important School Policy Documents for Students

Statement of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities [ PDF ]

MTM’s Human Rights (Discrimination, Violence and Harassment) Policy and Human Rights (Accommodation) Policy [ PDF ]

MTM’s Privacy & Confidentiality Policy [ PDF ]

Fee Refund Policy [ PDF ]

MTM’s Student Expulsion Policy [ PDF ]

MTM’s Student Complaint Procedure [ PDF ]

MTM’s Student Policy Manual [ PDF ]

MTM’s Non-Disparagement Policy [ PDF ]

MTM’s Anti-Bullying, Anti-Discrimination, and Anti-Harassment Policy [ PDF ]

MTM’s Privacy and Video Surveillance Policy [ PDF ]

MTM’s Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment Policy [PDF]


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