Agapi Yamaguchi

Agapi Bronzatti Yamaguchi

Agapi Yamaguchi is an international student from Brazil. Agapi has this to say about what inspired her to study Animation and why she chose to attend Max the Mutt:

“My story with art started when I was really young. My grandmother was a great artist and I remember her visiting me every weekend. On her visits she would always bring brushes with ink and we would paint together. Those visits made me passionate about art. I remember making letters to my relatives saying that, on my birthday, I would prefer to have pencils, brushes and ink as gifts instead of toys.

I am also a Huge fan of animation movies. This is why I decided that I would became an animator. I just feel it. It was the only career that would warm my heart. And even now, years later I still got the same feeling.

I came to Canada looking for a good Animation college and I am happy to say that I found exactly what I was looking for in Max the Mutt. This school has achieved and surpassed every expectation that I had. I chose Max the Mutt due to the good quality of their students artwork and positive reviews of previous students. I couldn’t be happier about my choice.

In my first year, I already feel that I gain a lot of knowledge. I am also really glad to have instructors that are not only extremely helpful and high-quality professionals, but are also visibly passionate about their subjects (which is extremely inspiring). Overall, I am really glad that I became a Max the Mutt student.

In the future I see myself working in the animation industry, making movies that will inspire people as Disney and Pixar movies has always inspired me.”