Jordan Marshall

Monkey Jordan Marshall

JORDAN MARSHALL was born in a small town near Vancouver. Jordan drew a lot as a child and found a love for art in that small community participating in little art competitions and public painting events.

Surprisingly Jordan didn’t take a single traditional art class in highschool as his main focus at the time was taking photos and videos. After highschool he moved back out west to pursue my career in film by working on set. I quickly discovered that the set life wasn’t for me and felt really lost now that his dream of going into the movie business didn’t work out.
Jordan found Max the Mutt College online and decided to come back to Toronto to give the summer program a try. He had  remembered how much he enjoyed drawing as a kid and the prospect of a career in art was really exciting.

Jordan was immediately hooked on studying the fundamentals of drawing and it was clear they were so important to the learning process and he wanted to fill every hour practicing them.
At this time Jordan really wasn’t sure what discipline he wanted to go into. While doing the summer program Jordan stayed with a student that had recently graduated from the Classical & Computer Animation & Production program at Max the Mutt. He noticed that they were obsessed with hand drawn animation, which Jordan knew very little about at the time. One night he watched him sit at his animation table and bring a dog to life as he flipped the pages back and forth. Jordan was captivated and knew that he had to go for animation.

Jordan has this to say about Max the Mutt, ” Max is a great school to improve and hone your artistic skills, however, this school is not for the faint of heart. Like any specialized school it’s about how much work you’re willing to put in. If you have a strong passion to succeed and an eagerness to learn from your instructors and peers you’ll surprise yourself at how fast you improve. In a single year you’ll look back in amazement of where you started off. Three years in and I can say that I’ve worked harder than I’ve ever worked before and achieved things I really didn’t think were possible.”.

At this stage Jordan really is not sure what the future holds for him. He said, “I wish I could say there’s a clear path laid out ahead but that wouldn’t be true. I know I want to pursue a career in the animation industry but I’m still not sure what job I’ll end up in. Right now storyboarding is attractive and doing hand drawn animation for TV and movies someday would be awesome”.

You can see more work from Jordan Marshall via his Instagram account @jordanmarshll