Kylah Heykoop

Kylah Heykoop deco_girls

Kylah Heykoop grew up in Niagara Falls Ontario. Kylah has this to say about what inspired her to study Animation and why she chose to attend Max the Mutt:

“I’ve loved drawing as long as I can remember. I started to take it seriously at about ten years old, borrowing how-to-draw books from the library. Animation fascinated me as it offers a wide variety of opportunities to practice creativity and storytelling.

I chose to study with Max the Mutt because the closer community and smaller class sizes appealed to me. I’m glad to say that the students and teachers I’ve met here have become some of my closest friends and greatest role-models.

After graduating, My goals are to animate and storyboard for shows, while also working on personal illustrations and short-film projects on the side.”