Len Furquim Marinho


Len Furquim Marinho is an international student from São Paulo, Brazil. Len has this to say about what inspired him to study Animation and why he chose to attend Max the Mutt:

“I was always interested in art. My mom always tells a story about when I was two and she wanted to put me to sleep but I started crying saying I couldn’t because I hadn’t drawn yet.

Though I think I started being interested about animation when I was around 12 years old, when I started looking more into cartoons, anime, and some comics as well. I remember it was not a great year for my personal life, and all I had was drawing. Also I liked to see how in animation you can shape a whole different world and do anything you want with it. I started creating my own stories and also thinking about how I would shape it into animation.

Previously, I did a year and a half on a foundation course back into Brazil, but since then I could see that this college was not what I was looking for, and I started looking at options for Animation schools abroad when I found Max the Mutt. I could not be more surprised! It is perfect, I feel like I am a totally different person and it’s crazy how much I am improving and loving animation even more than before.

My goal for the future is to work as a Background Artist or storyboard artist into an animation studio.”