Melodie Litwin

Melodie Litwin businesscardfront_melodie

Melodie Litwin is from Vaughn, Ontario and has been interested in art since Melodie was first able to pick up a pencil!

Melodie had this to say about his experiences, why she chose to study Classical & Computer Animation & Production and why art is important:

“For me, animation was an interest that fascinated me throughout my whole childhood. The idea of being able to be a part of the process for shows and movies like the ones I grew up with sounded like a dream. My younger self would be ridiculously excited to see how far I’ve come from doodling animations in Flipbook on the DS!

I chose to go to Max the Mutt because of how the smaller class sizes allowed for a much more personal approach to teaching, which appealed to my learning style. The community at MTM is very open to helping each other, and the teachers are kind and fun to learn from.

After school I see myself doing character animation, storyboarding, or background painting. I hope to continue personal projects as well, with animations, illustrations, and youtube videos I will post around on my socials.”

You can see more work from Melodie Litwin via her Instagram account @Melodoodle