Serena Lindbloom

Serena-Lindbloom painting

Serena Lindbloom is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and, in their words “to fit the cliché”, has pretty much been interested in art from the moment they were able to hold a marker in my hand.

Serena had this to say about their experiences, why they chose to study Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts and why art is important:

“After graduating High School, I pursued art as a hobby as I was uncertain whether I wanted to pursue it as a career. As more time passed and my experiences flourished, illustration & comics were something I continued to return to and gain more knowledge and passion towards. Learning that these were viable career options, I decided to pursue them more intently.

I really really love comics and knew that if I could find a program that focuses specifically on the skills associated with that field, I would be one step closer to actualizing my own ambitions. Since Max the Mutt is the only college across Canada that offers this type of program, it was the perfect fit for my pursuits.

My ultimate goal is to have at least one graphic novel published with many more to follow. I ultimately see myself becoming a travelling freelance artist who specializes in comics, graphic novels and informational booklets on a variety of topics.”